La Maison Francaise

La Maison Francaise from a recent photo tour

La Maison Francaise

East Broadway in Chinatown

The next Chinatown Street Photography Workshop is on Sunday 5 March. Chinatown is one of the very few neighborhoods in New York City that has not undergone gentrification. It is fabulous for street photography and urban landscapes. We meander through the backstreets beyond the touristy part of the neighborhood. We discuss photography, cameras, techniques, street photography and New York City AND we have a great time doing it too! The workshop is limited to 6 people so don’t wait to register!East Broadway, Chinatown.jpg

Meeting fabulous people!

I have the great pleasure of meeting so many fabulous people on my photo tours and street photography workshops! Last November I had the pleasure of giving Pete a photo tour of Soho and Greenwich Village. Fabulous neighborhoods for both urban architecture and street photography. We walked and talked about photography, techniques, shared interests and about this amazing city! We both had a really good time and we both took some great photos! You can read his review here and you can see some of his photos from our day at his website. Here’s Pete on the street in action!pete

Iconic Architecture Photo Tour

The Iconic Photo Tour is one of my suggested tours. Grand Central Terminal, the New York Public Library, the Chrysler Building, Empire State Building and the Flatiron Building are just a few of the buildings that we see on this tour. If you are looking to capture urban landscapes this is the tour for you. There are also good street photography opportunities on this tour as well.daydreams-of-the-past-edit

Greenwich Village Photo Tour

I took this photo on a recent photo tour of Greenwich Village. Just one of many possible neighborhoods to explore on a photo tour. We worked on street photography, urban landscapes, intentional camera movement, composition and different methods of shooting. Each photo tour is designed to suit your interests photographically and neighborhoods. You can see other suggested tours which are all customizable as well as reviews from people who have taken my tours.Village people.jpg

On a recent photo tour

I recently had a photo tour in Chinatown with some fabulous photo students from Norway! We focused on street photography and urban landscapes. We had great fun and they are preparing an exhibit of the photos they took in New York City. Oh I wish I could go to Norway to see it! I have many different suggested tours and I also create tours to suit your interests. And you can see many reviews of my tours on the

126th street red wall walk

Harlem & East Harlem are some of the coolest neighborhoods in New York City! It’s a real hood vibe. People in their environment. Friendly people. We had great fun on Sunday for the Street Photography Workshop! Both as a group and with the locals! My photo tours and workshops are always as much as possible about doing just that. Street photography and photography should always be, for me, about the spirit of place. Not just snapping photos. But experiencing the place. It adds so much more to how you see it all and ultimately how you photograph it.125th-street-red-wall-walk_