The Invasion of Mobile Technology 11

The Invasion of Mobile Technology – A 4 hour street photography workshop in Noho and Soho, 18 November 2017.

The Invasion of Mobile Technology 11


Taxi, 14 August 2017 taken during a photo tour. Also this is an example of shooting at an angle which is the latest street photography tip i the SNYC newsletter.



Rainy Days

Rainy and overcast days are some of my favorite for photography. I think that the only thing that limits my ability to get good photos and see the possibilities for them is my self. For me, the key to creativity is to break down the imposed limits about the what and when for photography. To always attempt to work with what’s there. So many opportunities. So little time. I’m hoping to shoot in the rain today. If the rain comes! You can see information on my site for my workshopsphoto tours and reviews by previous

Grand Central Holiday Rush

New York City has been so so busy with tourism and holiday shoppers! I hope that today is an opportunity for everyone to slow down and relax. I am certainly taking it easy for a few days! Happy Holidays!

busy city, busy life

Had computer problems for a few days and wasn’t able to access my photos! A real state of emergency in my world! But problems are resolved! Here’s a photo taken on a recent photo tour in Greenwich Village. We were working on intentional camera movement and motion blur. If that’s something of interest we can do that on your tour.

Review by Chris, Perth, Australia

“My son and I had a full day walking tour with Leanne covering a large part of NYC including Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge, street art and major buildings…also included a great little dumpling place for cheap eats and a rest. A brilliant day out and Leanne could not provide enough support pre the day and even assisted with other ideas and arranged an additional tour for us during our stay. Great with tips and ideas on how to use your camera, composition and challenging your thinking on how to take a picture, or even to see a picture in someone that previously would have overlooked. Great value for money, and simply a fantastic and unique way to see NYC. Thanks so much Leanne!” -Chris, Perth, Australia

Soho & Greenwich Village Tour

The Soho & Greenwich Village Tour is a 4 hour walking tour through the incredible cast iron architecture, boutiques, galleries and cobblestone streets of Soho. and the tree-lined streets of historic Greenwich Village with its little shops and a combination of multi-cultural flavors and university students. There are so many things to photograph in these two very distinct neighborhoods. For more information or to book a tour follow the above link.