Rainy Evening in Chinatown 3

Rainy Evening in Chinatown

Rainy Night in Chinatown copy

Rainy Evening in Chinatown 2

Rainy Evening in Chinatown

Rainy Night in Chinatown 2 copy

Rainy Evening in Chinatown 1

Rainy Evening in Chinatown


Chinese for Dinner copy

Oh Soho – Series 2

Oh Soho – Series one way in Soho.jpg

Oh Soho – Series 1

Oh Soho – Series 1

Oh Soho 2

Manhattan in the rain

A recent photo on a rainy day. I love shooting in the rain! But no rain in the forecast today! I’ll be in Coney Island for a workshop today. Next Sunday is Bushwick!Manhattan in the rain

Let it rain

Spring is here and with it rainy days! This is another film photo taken in October 2016 with the LC-A+ lomo camera and processed digitally. I do like the element of chance. Of not knowing. It’s a nice balance to shooting digitally and being able to see it all as you shoot. In an age of instant gratification some things are worth waiting for. I used slightly expired Ilford FP4 125ASA film and just recently got around to scanning the negatives. Today I’ll be shooting in Harlem on a photo tour. Tomorrow a workshop in Coney Island! I love shooting this city. It never bores me.monochromatic Chinatown