Street Photography Tip – Composition

Street Photography Tip – Composition is the number one aspect that separates a snapshot from a memorable photo. Digital photography is very forgiving and so much can be repaired in post-processing. Except for composition! It’s one method of upping your odds in street photography.


There is much emphasis in street photography as being an activity where you have to chase the shot! But that’s only one way to do it. If you’ve been on aphoto tour or workshop with me you’ve likely witnessed me stopping everyone to look at a red wall or repetitive patterns or shadows. . . Look for that thing that really attracts your eye. Then wait for people to enter the frame! In New York City or other cities with a good population you won’t have to wait for long for someone to enter your frame. Like it or not! Patience is a virtue.

Anyway, I call it slow photography. That may seem contradictory for some when it comes to street photography or even being in the middle of the buzz of millions of people. Try it. You might like it.

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Backward Glance 2012

Backward Glance. Flashback from 2012.

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Hat in LES from a recent photo tour

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