NY Loves Me

NY Loves Me &  Unmoved from a recent photo tour in Lower Manhattan.

New York City Pace 4

New York City Pace 4 from a recent photo tour.

New York City Pace 4

New York City Pace 3

New York City Pace 3

New York City Pace 3

New York City Pace 2

New York City Pace 2, from a recent photo tour 9 October 2017.

New York City Pace 2

New York City Pace 1

New York City Pace 1 from a recent photo tour. Sometimes we get creative!New York City Pace 1

Photographing New York City

As a licensed New York City Tour Guide, I am frequently making suggestions to tourists AND New Yorkers alike. Whether it’s neighborhoods to explore, history and culture of the neighborhoods AND places to photograph. In general, I tend to assume that people will figure out how to find the major icons of this great city all on their own. That said, I have an Iconic NYC Tour and also a Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo Tour. They are tours that you will gain so much more from with a Tour Guide. I also specialize in photo tours that are off the beaten path. Getting into the neighborhoods where New Yorkers live. When people book tours with me I offer them free advice for their entire trip. All of my photo tours are customizable. The photo tours I have listed on my site are a few possible suggestions. I also work with you on your photography no matter what your level is. This photo was taken during a recent Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo photo tour at dusk. 15 April 2017 7:41pm. And yes, it’s a double exposure.Lower Manhattan Skyline at dusk