Black and White in Chelsea

Black and White in Chelsea, from a recent photo tour.

Black and White in Chelsea

From the Archives

Love Stories Suck, 5 August 2011.

Love Stories Suck

Active Security

Active Security, Chinatown, 13 August 2017.

Active Security

Urban Life

New York City looks so good to me in black and white! This photo was taken on a photo tour of Chinatown and we ended in the Lower East Side.

Urban Life

Chinatown Walkers

Graffiti, shadows and people in motion. In Chinatown, 11 June 2017

Chinatown walkers

In Nolita

Here’s a photo from a recent Street Photography Workshop. I’ve been working on a number of different processing techniques and creating my own presets. I used to print my film photos and it was sooo time consuming! I find digital processing more satisfying and that I have more options. If nothing else it is easier and faster. Monochrome is a favorite. But with the right tools color can also be fun. – 2 April 2017.In Nolita

Chinatown with Graffiti

I was out giving a photo tour in Chinatown yesterday for a large group of students from Australia. The tour was a combination of history, culture and photography. It was their first time in America and they were very excited to see a city that represents so much to them through television and film. We had fun taking photos of each other and the urban landscape and some of them also did some street photography as well. Yes, I do class trips and larger groups as well and they are always customized to the interests of the group. – Chinatown with Graffiti, 11 April 2017Chinatown with graffiti