Just Like in the Movies 2

Photo from a recent street photography workshop in Chinatown. Just Like in the Movies 2, 11 June 2017.

Just Like in the Movies 2

Umbrella in the Sun

Umbrellas are fabulous to shoot rain or shine. Photo taken during a Street Photography Workshop 11 June 2017.

Umbrella in the Sun

Just like in the movies

Oh do I love New York City and Street Photography! We had a great time at the street photography workshop in Chinatown. Just like in the movies, 11 June 2017. https://www.shootnewyorkcity.com/blog/2017/6/13/just-like-in-the-movies

Just like in the movies

Hong Kong Supermarket

Oh Chinatown! Most of the time I process my street photography photos as b&w. But Chinatown frequently challenges me to do otherwise! Here’s a photo from a workshop that I did in March 2016. I’m a bit behind in processing my photos! The next Chinatown Street Photography Workshop is on Sunday 11 June and there are a few spaces still available. – Hong Kong Supermarket.

Hong Kong Supermarket

Chinatown in color

Yesterday I was giving a photo tour of lower Manhattan including Chinatown. We had a great time and that tour was just a walk through of an upcoming class trip from a Texas university. We explored some common New York City sites while focusing on creativity. This tour isn’t listed in my suggested tours. We created it based on their interests. All of my tours are customizable to suit your preferences and class trips or larger groups are an option as well. You only need to contact me for us to be able to arrange that! You can see reviews on my site from previous attendees of both photo tours and workshops. Whether it’s urban landscapes, street photography or creative photography or all three, it’s all part of a photo tour and you can also choose the neighborhood that is of interest to you as well. And I do assist beginners with how to use their cameras as well. Chinatown in color-2

Street Photography Comes in Colors

I quite like when street photography illustrates a sense of place. When it is as much about the human element as the actual setting that the photograph was taken. And for me that is a particularly urban element! That’s just my style. Street photography comes in all kinds of styles and flavors! If you are interested in doing street photography as a beginner or looking to advance your street photography, I have a Street Photography Workshop in El Barrio aka East Harlem on 21 May. It’s a fabulous neighborhood and in many ways it’s a real throwback to a different time. There are a few spaces still available for this workshop and you can register on my site and see reviews from people who attended previous workshops.Oops in Chinatown

Vogue New York City

Street photography in New York City is fabulous! Do I state the obvious? I always find something to shoot. I have street photography workshops in a few neighborhoods in the city and I do photo tours everywhere. People have asked me if I’ll do a street photography workshop in Soho? I don’t have any plans to. But if you are a small group of 4 or less people, we can do a private tour as a street photography workshop. This photo was taken during a photo tour 1 November 2016 in Soho.Vogue New York City.jpg