Street Photography Tip – Slow Photography

Street Photography Tip – Composition is the number one aspect that separates a snapshot from a memorable photo. Digital photography is very forgiving and so much can be repaired in post-processing. Except for composition! It’s one method of upping your odds.

Halloween 3

There is much emphasis in street photography as being an activity where you have to chase the shot! But that’s only one way to do it. If you’ve been on aphoto tour or workshop with me you’ve likely witnessed me stopping everyone to look at a red wall or repetitive patterns or shadows. . . Look for that thing that really attracts your eye. Then wait for people to enter the frame! In New York City or other cities with a good population you won’t have to wait for long for someone to enter your frame. Like it or not!

Anyway, I call it slow photography. That may seem contradictory for some when it comes to street photography or even being in the middle of the buzz of millions of people. Try it. You might like it.

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Inspired Eye Magazine!

I’m very excited to announce that my latest article is in Inspired Eye magazine! It’s a fabulous magazine. Thanks to Don Springer and Olivier Duong.


Photographer Profile – Robert Frank

Photographer Profile – Robert Frank
Robert Frank (1924- ) If you haven’t seen his book The Americans, run out an buy a copy or borrow it from the library! It is an amazing collection of photos that has changed the definition of photography in general and more specifically street photography.
Frank is Swiss by birth and has been living in the US most of his life. He emigrated to the US at 22 and became a fashion photographer at Harper’s Bazaar in New York City. But he wanted to do more with his photography. He spent 2 years traveling and took 28,000 photos for The Americans which includes 83 of those photos. It is a series which is iconically American. Perhaps the fact that he was new to America had something to do with his uncanny ability to recognize that which truly is American. We often take for granted the things that seem so familiar to us. To turn the ordinary into the extraordinary is the definition of art.
Many of his photos break some of the unwritten rules of photography. He does things with photography that were new and novel at the time. And his photography is still very relevant. I am always inspired when looking at his work. Oh and by the way, The Americans is published by the incredible Steidl press. You can see a streaming documentary about Steidl which includes segments on working with Robert Frank in creating The Americans as well as a number of other photographers. I hope that you will have a look at his work.
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