A happy accident

There are many ways of approaching street photography. It has always been for the most part for me about composition. Once upon a time I had the idea that I wanted to become an architectural photographer. I found myself impatient about people walking into my shot. Then one day I lost my patience and started taking photos of buildings with people walking into the frame. It was a happy accident for me. I wasn’t aware of street photography as a genre then. I also like to call it slow photography. When I find a composition that I like, I’ll wait for people to walk into the frame. This photo was taken during a Chinatown Street Photography Workshop March 2017. 32 East Broadway

Upcoming workshops

I have 4 workshops scheduled for April. April 2nd is Chinatown Street Photography. April 16 is Harlem Street Photography. April 23rd is El Barrio Street Photography, a new workshop and April 30th is the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop. Workshops are limited to 6 people and typically fill up quickly, especially when the weather is nice! During workshops we walk and talk about cameras, composition, techniques and the local neighborhood. My workshops and photo tours are always about the spirit of place and no 2 are alike. Oh and we always have a fabulous time! You can see reviews of some previous attendees and also photos in the Shoot New York City Facebook group.Bushwick workshop

Review by Mauro, Florida

“NYC Solo Street Shoot with Leanne. I really can’t say enough about Leanne. After a four hour session with her in Chinatown I now truly feel comfortable shooting street photography anywhere. She sized me up quickly and taught me exactly what I needed to learn. At first I simply followed her around town like a puppy. But very quickly with her encouragement, techniques and tips I was able to overcome my shyness and embarrassment about photographing strangers on the street. It was as much psychotherapy as photography for me. LOL! I ended up feeling connected with people in a way I have never experienced before. I began seeing things to photograph that I was never trained to see. New eyes and a new heart. Love this city even more. Will be back definitely. Highly recommended tour with Leanne.” – Mauro, Florida https://www.shootnewyorkcity.com/reviews/2017/3/30/review-by-mauro-floridaall in a day

A Camera is a Tool

Recently I was looking at photos on Instagram and someone commented on a photo saying that it’s a great shot and wanted to know what kind of camera the photographer was using. I always have a little laugh when people do that and they have done the same thing to me. A camera is a tool period. A camera does not take a photo. A person does. Whichever camera works best for you is the best camera for you. Not the camera that another person takes fabulous photos with. All cameras have limitations and it’s necessary to use a different camera for different functions. Do you ask a carpenter what kind of hammer that she uses? I think it’s important to realize that only you can create a photo that you like. Learning how to use your camera is one part of the equation. Learning how to see and compose is another. I am always learning both! If you want to explore photography and New York City, I have private photo tours and group photography workshops. You can see reviews from previous attendees on my site. Jefferson Street Station, 26 March 2017.Jefferson Street Station

Review by Gary, New York City

“This photoshoot gave me a great opportunity to see Harlem in a different light with all its vibrancy and uniqueness. Beautiful imagery, great conversation, and a knowledgeable instructor to provide history and guidance. I will definitely do it again.” – Gary, New York City. https://www.shootnewyorkcity.com/reviews/2017/3/28/review-by-gary-new-york-cityViva Zapata.jpg

Street photography in the Village

Another photo that I took recently on a photo tour of Greenwich Village. And I’m in the mood for black and white these days. Sometimes a photo just looks better in b&w. Color, if there’s too much of it, can look a little too busy for me. It distracts the eye from the subject. Other times there might not even be enough color in a photo to want to leave the color in. Photography is purely subjective. It is what appeals to you! If you are looking to do street photography in the city I have a workshop coming up on Sunday 2 April in Chinatown and there are a couple spaces still available._DSF8978

The only reality is now

Here’s a photo from the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop yesterday. There are so many fantastic street art walls in Bushwick. I haven’t scheduled another Bushwick Workshop yet. It’s possible I will schedule one for the end of April. In the meantime, I have 3 upcoming Street Photography Workshops. Pictured here is one of the photographers who participated in the workshop 26 March 2017. The only reality is now