SNYC Sunday Street Photography Workshops

I have 3 Sunday Street Photography Workshops in September. During the course of a workshop we discuss various aspects of street photography including different techniques. The workshops are small and very much hands on and personalized for each person’s needs whether you’re a beginner or advanced. This happens while exploring neighborhoods in New York City. And we always have fun doing them.

shopping in Little Odessa

Photo Tour Review by Abdullah, Oman

I quite enjoyed the photo tour, it was entertaining, educational and photographically creative. I have been to NY a number of times but it’s the first time I see it from an NY photographer’s eye. I didn’t look at your website before we met in NY. Now I have looked at it. I have mix feelings.  I think I would have been torn between my way and your style of photography.

I am just a photographer. I concentrate and constrain myself to the camera’s technical ability and the moment. Where as, I think, you are an artist. I can see from your photos in the website, you look way beyond the camera and the moment. One thing for certain, NY will not look the same to me again!” Abdullah, Oman

Grand Central Terminal evening

Coney Island Street Photography Workshop

The next Sunday Street Photography Workshop will be in Coney Island on September 4th. Coney Island is fabulous for Street Photography and as Summer is coming to a close the beach and the boardwalk will be packed! For more information or to register just follow the link. The workshop is limited to 6 people.

beach days

Harlem Street Photography Workshop Review

“Leanne was extremely helpful and got me to take some beautiful shots! She really knows her stuff. I recommend this tour to anyone starting out with photography.” – Will, New York
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Harlem workshop

My new website

My website has been redesigned and I’m really liking it! Thanks to Joshua Evan for all the hard work he put into it for me. I couldn’t do it without him!!! 
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Leanne Staples - Licensed Tour Guide

Review by Jacqueline, Munich

“Had a great photo tour with Leanne through Soho, Greenwich and Little Italy. They picked me up at my apartment and then it went straight into the Metro with photographing going on.” Jacqueline, Munich  You can find the full review on my site.


Little Odessa Street Photography Workshop

The next Sunday Street Photography Workshop is on August 28th. One of my absolute favorite areas in NYC to shoot street photography is Little Odessa, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. It is a mostly Russian and Ukrainian neighborhood and has an almost timeless look and feel to it. For more information or to register
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afternoon in Little Odessa