Sunday Street Photography Workshop – Harlem

The next Sunday Street Photography Workshop is on 10 July in Harlem. It is limited to 6 people and we explore El Barrio/Spanish Harlem as well as Harlem. It is a 4 hour workshop and we discuss the neighborhood and culture while taking photos. No matter if you experienced in photography or not. I work with each person individually to get memorable photos and we have a great time doing it. You can see a review from a previous attendee of the workshop on my site.

Harlem street photography workshop

Review by mother & daughter, Manhattan

A recent review by a mother & daughter.
“My daughter and I had a lovely day touring Coney Island and Little Odessa. Leanne had a lot of interesting information about the area and she was also very knowledgable about photography. She has a calm and patient demeanor. She does not offer photo critique without being asked and when she does provide feedback it’s very insightful.
It was great to see Coney Island pre-season (Mid-May) before everything had gotten going full swing, but I’m sure that the day would have been just as interesting at peak season.
Leanne encourages experimentation with various photography techniques including Intentional Movement and Street Photography which seems to be her real passion. I would recommend this tour.”
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Coney Island by the sea

Review by Helene, Westchester, NY

“I first discovered Leanne by “googling”, at a time when I was looking for a guided visit of Coney Island and Little Odessa. I saw her street pictures of New York City and was immediately amazed by the sensibility and the quality. We did a photo tour together, walking from Coney Island to Little Odessa. It was an amazing experience for me to be able to let go, just shoot people on the street, without feeling ashamed or embarrased. Leanne gives great advises, she has the artist eye and sensibility. It’s all about feelings and senses. Leanne teaches you to take the time, no rush, just enjoy the moment on the street. I had one of my greatest day after 4 years living in New York. A totally different experience. I am looking forward to tour Harlem with Leanne again!” -Helene, Westchester, NY

El Barrio stoop

Review by Martha, Long Island, NY

“The Harlem Tour last Sunday with Leanne exceeded my expectations! Her knowledge of the area was extensive: where some of the best backgrounds were, graffiti, and the people shots were endless! It was fun meeting new people with a common passion for photography. We covered a lot of ground and had fun shooting together on a Sunday afternoon. I can’t wait for the next one! Thanks, Leanne!” Martha – Long Island, NY
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Review by Sahar, San Francisco

“Gained so much from this tour! Not only does Leanne give you insights into getting good photos, but it’s a hands-on tour and she lets you practice different techniques and styles. I’m planning on doing a different neighborhood next time I’m in New York. The tour of Harlem was informative and full of great photo opportunities. Leanne is personable and has wonderful insights and is genuinely interested in people -you can tell by her style and subjects. It was so valuable to get behind the camera with her and learn what she was looking for before snapping a photo. Beyond photography and New York, she’s into poetry, bookstores, and coffee, so make sure to ask for recommendations!” Sahar – San Francisco

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Review by Gianna, Ohio

Review by Gianna, Ohio
“I absolutely loved the tour of New York! It was such a lovely experience having someone so friendly show me around, especially since I was so unfamiliar with the city. The photo tour was great because not only did I get amazing pictures, I learned so much about what I was actually taking pictures of! I would recommend this to anyone who would love to experience New York City and its history while capturing some great shots too!” – Gianna, Ohio
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Greenwich Village afternoon

Little Odessa Street Photography Workshop

The next Sunday Street Photography Workshop will be in Little Odessa, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Fabulous street photography to be had there. The workshop is limited to 6 people and we have lots of fun while taking photos. I work with each person individually and in group to help you take better photos. To register or get more information, follow the link here.
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shopping in Little Odessa