Sunday Street Photography Workshop Little Odessa

The next Street Photography Workshop is in Little Odessa on Sunday 26 June. The Harlem Workshop for June sold out quickly. For more information or to register use this link.
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Little Odessa stroll

an afternoon in Little Odessa

I’ve had 2 tours recently in Little Odessa and Coney Island. I do love it there. A recent street photography workshop in Chinatown and an upcoming sold out workshop in Harlem. I will be announcing in the near future a street photography workshop for July. You can see information about my suggested tours that are customizable to your particular interests and also reviews from some previous customers. It’s like summer in the city now! Get out and shoot!

afternoon in Little Odessa

shopping in Little Odessa

Most people who come to New York City and even many who live here don’t really have the opportunity to explore and discover this amazing city! Many people think that the high-rises and traffic jams are what NYC is! Oh, but there is so much more. I took this photo in Little Odessa, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn on a recent photo tour. Get out and explore. You can find more information about my walking photo tours including the Coney Island & Little Odessa Tour on my website. I have suggested tours and fully customized tours to your interests.

shopping in Little Odessa

Chinatown Sunday Street Photography

So we are just a few days away from the Sunday Street Photography Workshop in Chinatown and there are a few places still available. It looks like the weather will be warm. And rain or shine it is great to shoot in Chinatown. We always have a great time shooting in Chinatown!
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Little Odessa stroll

Taken with a French group while on a tour of Coney Island and Little Odessa. We had a marvelous time. The weather was good and the company even better!

Little Odessa stroll

NYC Chinatown Street Photography

I love Chinatown in Manhattan. It really looks the same as it has for the last 30 years or so. It is fabulous for street photography and urban landscapes. There is still space for the May Sunday Street Photography Workshop in Chinatown


Chinatown Street Photography Workshop

I only have one Street Photography Workshop this month and it is taking place on Sunday 22 May in Chinatown. At this moment there is still space available. For more information or to register use the link above.

winter walk two.jpg