Sunday Street Photography Workshop

I have just announced the Sunday Street Photography Workshop for May 22. It will be taking place in Chinatown. For more information follow the above link. It is limited to 4-6 people.
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Chinatown stoop

always something to photograph

There’s always something to photograph in New York City! Sometimes it’s the planned things, the things that you know about. But there’s always the unexpected things as well. It might be an event, something new or maybe even something that’s been there for a long time and you notice it for the first time. My tours are always customized to include as much as possible the things that you are looking for as well as a few surprises along the way. Season is gearing up so make certain that you book in advance!

beach days

Big city

So much to do in this city! Where to start? That is the question! I tailor my tours to your interests. Whether it’s architecture or street photography or street art to name a few of the possibilities. We discuss your photography style and the kind of photos that you would like to capture. I’ve been working nonstop these days. We are sliding into high season and the weather is gorgeous. You can see some of my suggested tours on my site. Or we can even start from scratch.

fifth avenue sun-2