Joey Ramone – East Village

Joey Ramone – East Village, taken on a recent photo tour of the East Village, lower East Side, Chinatown & Greenwich Village. The weather was fabulous! Just like Spring!!! So much to photograph and so little time! We had a great time!
Joey Ramone - East Village

Sunday Street Photography – 20 March 2016

The next Sunday Street Photography Workshop will be in Harlem on 20 March 2016. Harlem is fabulous. The streets are alive with a diverse mix of people. There is so much to photograph, both street photography and urban landscapes. The link above has more information on this workshop and you can register there as well.

hats off

Photo Tour Review by Luc, Patricia & Leonor

***** Yummy walking photo tour
We barely managed to catch our breaths from our most recent Harlem photography walking tour, a truly eye-opening for both the point-and-shoot novice and the experienced photographer.
Leanne took us on a visual enlightening tour to some of the most interesting and exciting locations in Harlem, showing us different aspects and angles of Harlem which we never knew existed and never would have found on our own.
Leanne shared a lot of her knowledge, by explaining to us powerful street photography techniques, discussing ethics of street photography, approaching strangers for street portraits as well as dealing with difficult situations that might pop up.
We defined strategies for capturing the rich daily life of people on the street and selected spots with a lot of foot traffic with an interesting background and waited for people to come to us.  The subjects entered our ‘space ‘. In this way we felt much more comfortable photographing them. All levels of photographic experience can benefit from Leanne’s NYC walking photo tours, a great way of learning more about photography while enjoying the sights and sounds of Harlem. We highly recommend this tour for anyone traveling to New York. – Luc, Patricia & Leonor, Cairo & Lisbon

Patricia, Leonor and Luc

Review by Nicolette – Cannes, France

New York is a city with many tales. It is a city that has undergone many changes and has had a very vibrant and colorful history. Nicolette and I walked through the East Village and she was excited to hear about all the people who lived there once. Many artists, writers, musicians and performers. I tailor my tours to the interests of my clients.

“A very nice experience. If you want to see New York City with the guidance of a photographer, then go on one of Leanne’s tours! Only she will explain the necessary tips to take great photos and its advantage Is that it she knows NYC as a person who lives here. She’ll tell you the stories of John Lennon and the store that dressed people like the Sex Pistols. Where lived Andy Warhol before being known and it moves from anecdote to anecdote and the NYC that is more than the eye can see! I am looking forward to returning and taking another tour with her!” – Nicolette, Cannes, France.

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Sunday Street Photography Workshop- 6 March 2016

The next Sunday Street Photography Workshop will be in Chinatown on 6 March 2016. Chinatown is fabulous. It has resisted gentrification. It really looks like it has for the last 30 years. There is so much to photograph, both street photography and urban landscapes. The link above has more information on this workshop and you can register there as well.

november light


NYC Visitors Guide – part one

Some basics. New York City is a fabulous place to visit! There’s always something new to see and do. New York City Visitors Guide is a series of suggestions from my personal experience. It isn’t everything by any means. But hopefully it helps to make your trip to this great city better. And I will be updating and adding new information on a regular basis.

New York City is not just Manhattan! It isn’t all skyscrapers and traffic jams! There’s also Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. The combined population is 8.4 million people with 1.6 million in Manhattan alone. It is the most culturally diverse city in the world!

There are quiet tree lined streets, public beaches and so much more to discover. But if you watch too much television or too many Hollywood films you’ll have a big misconception about NYC. You might also mistakenly believe that there’s a lot of crime here. Wrong again! New York City is one of the safest cities (this link opens a PDF) in America. Get out and discover NYC and I suggest, go off the beaten track.

street of gold

Review by Jo – London, England

I have the great pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people from around the world and sharing my passion for New York City and for photography on my photo tours! Here’s a recent review by Jo, London, England

“I went on a one day course with Leanne in November 2015. We spent the day walking around New York and I learnt so much. Not only is Leanne creative in her approach to photography, she is creative in her outlook on life. She showed me cool camera techniques and also how to look at the world differently and express that in my pictures. She also taught me a lot about New York. I would highly recommend Leanne – I know how to use my camera but Leanne showed me how to think differently about my camera and the pictures I can create. Thank you. Jo – London, England”

cloud walk